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Panel Beating or Smash Repairs is an art of performing repairs on vehicle bodies. Panel beaters make damaged or disfigured vehicles regain their factory shape especially after incidences of automobile accidents.

Here at Tripi Panel shop we have trained service technicians who are responsible for taking care of vehicles that are brought in by clients for repairs.

There are quite a number of tasks that are carried out during the auto repair process. There may be different levels of damage for the vehicles that are brought in therefore varied servicing is performed based on the damage present. Replacement of affected parts is one of the most basic services carried out where new spare parts are used. This is done if the affected parts are affected beyond repair.

Parts used in these repairs are often made of metals and alloys with glass, fiber and plastics also being commonly used for the repairs. Panel beaters often work on different types of vehicles that are brought in for repairs at the shops.

Auto customization is also a service that is offered by panel beaters where various forms of bodywork is done to alter the looks and performance of the vehicle being serviced.

Performance parts may be included in the parts used to alter the looks of the vehicles in the process. Warranty for the parts that are used for the jobs are in most instances offered to the clients and in case of any form of malfunction or poor performance replacement may be done for free by the auto shops involved.

Application of putty is also common, especially for parts that contain minor cracks and holes on the body.

Metalworking is important as it gives rise to the parts that are to be used for body making.

Cutters are used to separate the damaged parts from the vehicle body after which welding is done to merge the parts with the body skeleton to create a good-looking body.

After we finish our job we will do a comprehensive check-up to check on any flaws that may be present on the body to perform the necessary alterations to come up with the best quality body job for our clients.

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